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       Mystic Arts Traveling Classroom

With Dolly Mae


                         Art by Cathy Pfeil. Visit pfeil
Host Dolly Mae in your home for fun filled gatherings of like-minded friends for this      fascinating and informative Mystic Arts Traveling Classroom.
If you have been looking for a way to see things differently and be others on the same wave length, then come to the Mystic Arts Traveling Classroom  to discuss all things metaphysical.
Schedule your group for:

1.  WHEN PIGS FLY, A Spiritual Playground   




Man's most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe. --Euripides  (412 B.C.)

Impossibilities have been thunked but just haven't happened.... yet. --Dolly Mae (2014 ACE)

Join in this fun filled group as we explore the unprovable, the mind stretching, the most staggeringly awesome Self and other stuff!

Explore Intuition, Dreams, Ghosts, Energy, Vibrations, Human Origins, Shamanism, ETs and UFOs, Predictions, Tarot and a bunch of other stuff. There's nothing we can't talk about.

Blow your mind and expand your thinking.

The Universal Door is wide open.

This is a lot of fun. Trust me......

                                                          Art by Cathy Pfeil
Join a discussion on current metaphysical topics such as Psychic Abilities; Archetypes; Tarot and other divination methods; Origins of Man; 5th Dimensional Living; Interpreting Dreams; Eating Healthy; Future Visioning; Shamanism; Native American drumming to access your power animal; Understanding Ancient Mysteries like the Pyramids, Atlantis and Lemuria. Your questions and curiosity drives this gathering of like minds. Throw the doors open wide to spiritual awakening and personal growth. It's all acceptable in this fun loving group. past lives, choosing joy or learn more about dis-ease process and how the body speaks. Join in a lively a discussion with questions and answers, and then top the evening off with a short private sessions.



3. PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS for Psychic Readings, Name Readings and Past Life Regressions and Shamanic Drumming to access your personal Animal Totem.  Reserve your private session with Dolly in your community or book a phone, Skype or office session.
                                Dolly Mae     206.992.2074

            Psychic, Author and Mystic, Dolly Mae is an animated and humorous
            worldwide speaker on wisdom, self-development and transformation.

Book the Mystic Arts Traveling Classroom to come to your city.

                                                 Choose Joy. It is always a choice!

Joy is always an option for you no matter what is happening.


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